The knowledge about PS diffusion sheet
 Apr 06, 2021|View:700

Diffusion plate, is the use of polymer materials, the use of extrusion process to produce the plate. In the display, it bears the function of light divergence according to a certain angle. The requirement of material index is high.

The application of PS mainly focuses on the diffusion plate for backlight module and the diffusion plate for lighting system

PMMA (plexiglass) and PC were the main materials used in the production of diffusion plates for displays. Due to the large price difference between PMMA and PS, domestic manufacturers gradually used PS to replace the diffusion plates. Therefore, this field belongs to the special material market of PS. The cost of diffusion plate in the whole backlight module is not high, but its importance is difficult to replace. The material performance and stability affect the display performance and image quality of LED panel. In the lighting industry. Customers are generally sensitive to the price of raw materials. GPPS production plants consider the relatively low price of raw material styrene. Adopt flexible low price strategy, close to the market quotation to facilitate the transaction. The transmittance of optical grade PS is required to be more than 89%, which requires the purity of raw styrene to be more than 99.7% and free of polymerization inhibitor and other impurities. Self produced styrene can effectively reduce the impurity content.

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