Is acrylic plastic or glass?
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Is acrylic plastic or glass?  

Have you all been asked a question, is Alec plastic or glass? Because of its transparent appearance, relatively tough material characteristics, it looks like glass far, near and like plastic, which is really muddled.

So what kind of material is acrylic? Is it plastic or glass?

What is acrylic?

The Chinese name of acrylic is transliterated by acrylics, which is commonly known as acrylic and akley. It is a general term for acrylic and methylacrylic chemicals. It includes monomer, plate, granular material, resin and composite material. Acrylic plate is made of MMA monomer, that is, PMMA sheet organic glass, which is a kind of organic glass processed by special technology.

Now, acrylic has become an important material in the fields of architecture, medicine, industry and transportation, such as as as as doors and windows of various surgical medical devices, trains, automobiles and transparent pipes, etc.

What are the characteristics of acrylic?

1. The density of acrylic is only 1.19-1.20, about half of ordinary glass and 43% of aluminum;

2. It has good fire resistance, can not self ignition and self extinguish;

3. It has excellent electrical insulation, and is a very suitable high frequency insulation material for wireless meter industry;

4. It has good light transmittance, with a transmittance of 92% or more, more than 10% higher than ordinary glass, and crystal texture and luster;

5. Not afraid of tide, water, mildew, bacteria, corrosion;

6. The impact resistance is 16 times that of ordinary glass, and there is almost no classification of dangerous acrylic.

Is acrylic plastic or glass?

So, is acrylic a glass or a plastic?

Acrylic is a polymer material after polymerization, and it is a thermoplastic plastic. Acrylic glass is an organic polymer, or polymethyl methacrylate.

What is the difference between acrylic and other plastics? Why is it clear that plastic is called "glass"?

The reason is that acrylic and glass have many similar characteristics, some advantages over glass, and the other advantages can make up for the shortcomings of glass.

Transparent materials are one of the materials used in many industries. When traditional glass is heavy or easy to break, designers and manufacturers often choose these transparent polymers as substitutes. Acrylic just has these properties of glass or transparent materials, but it is not glass, so it is called plexiglass, also known as the plastic queen!

The application of yak in the advertising industry

Compared with glass, acrylic has excellent light transmittance and light and strong toughness, which makes it very suitable for the manufacture of various kinds of signboards, light boxes and signs, and is widely used in the advertising industry.

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