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    Changzhou Sunplas Co., Ltd established in year 2013. We specializes in developing, producing and selling functional plastic alloy sheet.
    At present, our company owns nine international advanced co-extrusion sheet production lines, the annual production of plastic sheet is over 30,000 tons. Our products are ABS series composite sheet, HIPS series composite sheet, PS diffuser sheet, PC hollow sheet...
    • 2003

      Business establishment time

    • 30000

      Annual output plate

    • 60

      Floor area

    • 26000

      Use of plant area

    Business Advantage

    We have a perfect quality assurance system and testing method ,we also have an excellent senior technical research and development team

    Scientific Technology

    Quality assurance

    Fast Delivery

    Satisfying Service

    • Scientific Technology

      It is a strong guarantee for product quality: according to the product’s character, our company use double traction unit for producing products to eliminate the internal stress of the products completely. It more ensure the stability of the product; use multi-layer compound in mould,more ensure the homogeneity of the composite layer
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    • Quality assurance

      Advanced equipment is the prerequisite of product quality, according to product’s character, we use world famous equipment manufacturer's advanced equipment for core equipment , make sure intelligent automated production; Advanced automatic batching system, more ensure the consistency of product color; Perfect online monitoring device, completely eradicate the missing inspection of defective products; Best raw material supply is the foundation of product quality: world famous raw materials suppliers provide a long term and stable raw materials , make sure the consistent stability of product quality, thereby ensure customers use them at ease
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    • Fast Delivery

      Powerful production capacity ,strong guarantee of timely, rapid and accurate delivery,The company factory area of more than 30,000 square meters,own 9 advanced plastic sheet production lines.the annual production of plastic sheets is over 30,000 tons. With conveniently situation ,it guarantee deliver the goods in time.the company is next to Shanghai-nanjing high-speed exit,logistic is extremely convenient
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    • Satisfying Service

      Our company has more than 10 senior engineers who have been in the extrusion industry for 30 years, and has a number of core patents through authoritative certification, rich experience, according to your needs, can provide solutions quickly and accurately
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    Our products are widely used in fields of plane, vehicle, TV, refrigerator, construction, advertising lighting, packaging and so on

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