What Are The Application Industries Of Textured ABS Sheet?
 Feb 10, 2020|View:1351

Textured ABS Sheet is a kind of material we will use in various industries. Let's see which industries it is used in?

1. Building materials industry is one of the most frequently used industries. The main reason is that the textured ABS Sheet has good light transmittance, impact resistance, UV radiation resistance, dimensional fluctuation of its products and good molding characteristics, which makes it have distinct technical function disadvantages compared with the inorganic glass traditionally used in the repair and construction industry.

What Are The Application Industries Of Textured ABS Sheet?

2. The automobile manufacturing industry also often uses the frosted textured ABS Sheet. The textured ABS Sheet has good impact resistance, thermal distortion resistance, good weather resistance and high hardness, so it is suitable for various parts of consumer cars and light trucks. Next, it should focus on lighting fragmentary, instrument panel, heating plate, defroster and bumper made of textured ABS Sheet alloy.

3. Medical devices also belong to the use of frosted textured ABS Sheet. Because the textured ABS Sheet products can not be sterilized by steam, cleaning agent, heating and large dose radiation, and do not turn yellow and reduce the physical sensitivity, it is widely used in the artificial kidney hemodialysis equipment and other medical equipment that needs to operate under the transparent and intuitive conditions and need to be repeatedly sterilized. Such as consumption of high-pressure syringes, medical surgical masks, disposable dental appliances, blood separator, etc.

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