• PS Diffuser sheet
  • PS Diffuser Sheet
  • PS Diffuser Sheet
  • PS Diffuser Sheet
  • PS Diffuser Sheet
  • PS Diffuser Sheet

PS Diffuser Sheet

PS Diffuser sheet

Color: Translucent
Density: 1.05g/cm³
Size: Customized
Application: LED, TV, LCD
Sample: A4 size

Product Introduction

PS Diffuser sheet has good properties of heating resistance, dimension stability, mechanical strength, and fire resistance. PS Diffuser sheet also has high light transmittance, good shading, and durability, so that its light diffusion effect reaches the best state, most suitable for straight downlight source unit.

1. Light source diffusivity: PS Diffuser sheet can be applied to the backlight module with high brightness and high dispersion, and can improve the diffusion effect of the backlight.

2. Light transmittance: Excellent light transmittance leads to high brightness.

3. Dimension stability: Minimal water absorption, keeping perfect dimensional stability even in a moist environment. PS Diffuser sheet can be used at -40℃~125℃.

4. Antistatic property: The surface has perfect antistatic performance, prevent dust adsorption.

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