Is PP hollow board easy to use?
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Is PP hollow board easy to use?

1. PP hollow board is a new type of environmental protection packaging material, which will not produce dust in the process of use, and has a long service life, which is more than 4-10 times of the life of corrugated board. It can be recycled and has the trend of gradually replacing paper corrugated board, which is mainly reflected in the product packaging. In addition, due to the light weight, good toughness, flexible size and low cost of PP hollow plate, PP hollow plate turnover box equipped with various parts has the tendency to replace injection molding turnover box.

2. The color of PP hollow board is rich and varied, and the thickness is adjustable. For example, the thickness range of most PP hollow board is (2-10mm), and the thickness of some foreign factories can reach 12mm.

3. This product has a melting point of 150 ° and no deformation under the action of 170 ° high temperature without external force. It is the lightest of all plastic products. The processing of PP plate is convenient. It can be processed directly according to the needs of users, and it is easy to seal.

Application of PP hollow board

The material of PP hollow board determines its non-toxic, pollution-free, corrosion-resistant, waterproof and shockproof performance. Some factories can use flame retardant masterbatch to form flame-retardant hollow plate according to different requirements, and apply to areas with high fire safety requirements, such as Christmas products, outdoor advertising boards at air drying places, and UV anti PP masterbatch, which is an anti-aging and ultraviolet proof hollow plate, is applied to the construction of greenhouse roof.

In China, it is mainly used in the packaging turnover of factory products, including ordinary PP hollow plate, antistatic PP hollow plate (the surface impedance range is between 9-11 power Ω of 10), antistatic PP hollow plate (the surface impedance range is between 6-9 power Ω of 10), conductive hollow plate (the surface impedance range is between 3-6 power Ω of 10). After a series of post processes, the turnover box and antistatic hollow plate can be formed The utility model comprises an electric hollow plate knife card, a conductive hollow plate turnover box and a conductive hollow plate knife card.

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