What is the difference between ABS Plastic Board and acrylic
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What is the difference of flame retardant grade of PC / ABS plastic board

The best extrusion temperature of PC / ABS is 210-230 ℃. The higher screw speed ratio of extruder is beneficial to the blending of raw materials and the improvement of the impact compressive strength of the alloy. The large amount of ash, the expansion of shear stress and the well proportioning of raw materials are also beneficial to the improvement of the impact compressive strength of the alloy. The addition of phase organic solvent can further improve the solubility of PC and ABS, and then improve the tensile strength and in-situ stress cracking resistance of the alloy.


The flame retardant grade of ABS Plastic Board is only 18%, easy to ignite. In order to realize the fire safety regulations, the flame retardant modification must be carried out. All over the world, there are established requirements for the flame retardant level of AABS Plastic Board commonly used in electronic devices, household appliances and other commodities. Generally, the flame retardant level is more than UL94V-0.

The requirements for the fire-retardant level of ABS Plastic Board and alloy are generally not high, so the application regulations can be considered without adding flame retardant. However, for the unique production of car ash box, it is better to use the flame-retardant raw material with self extinguishing. At present, the flame-retardant modification of ABS raw materials is dominated by high-efficiency halogen-containing flame retardant, and the flame-retardant ABS / PC alloy is dominated by more environmentally friendly phosphorus flame retardant. ABS epoxy resin has good flame-retardant performance, which is suitable for making cars with high flame-retardant level, such as car smoke proof boxes, car household appliance casings, etc.; it can improve the mechanical properties of ABS structure, replace metal materials, reduce the weight of parts and production cost; the acquisition of modified ABS plastic board conforms to relevant policies, regulations and current policies, and has a very good development prospect. GF improves the comprehensive properties of ABS plastic board, such as high compressive strength, good rigidity, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, heat resistance, strong formability, stable specification, etc., forming, small damage of abrasive tools, easy to purchase, so it is more common.

Under the same secret recipe standard, blending machine and equipment, blending processing technology, injection molding and other manufacturing standards often do great harm to the performance of the final product, such as mixing temperature, waiting time, screw speed ratio of extruder, extrusion production, injection molding temperature, abrasive temperature and so on. The mixing time and temperature are harmful to the shape of PC / ABS plastic board. The impact compressive strength of the alloy is the most harmful structural mechanical property to the blending standard. The blending temperature is too low, the raw materials can not be fully melted, and the actual mixing effect is not good, so the impact compressive strength is low; the blending temperature is too high, some raw materials are dissolved, and the impact compressive strength is also reduced.

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