The function and characteristics of plastic hollow board
 Mar 27, 2021|View:757

What do you know about the function and characteristics of plastic hollow board

With China's reform and opening up, the continuous innovation of science and technology, some high cost-effective, high performance boards gradually come into our lives, "plastic hollow board" is one of them. Plastic hollow board is a category of PP board, its nickname is PP hollow board, Wantong board, grid board. The overall function of the plastic hollow board is multifaceted, and the scope of use is also very wide, so let's understand what is the plastic hollow board.

The raw material of plastic hollow board is PP, which is non-toxic, tasteless and insoluble in water. It is a kind of environmental protection material recognized in the world. The hollow board made of PP follows its advantages. The finished hollow board material has strong functions of moisture-proof, mould proof, fire-proof, anti-static, corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant. In addition, the special characteristics of hollow board "Hollow design" makes it more pressure resistant, vibration resistant, ventilated and breathable. It can effectively disperse the pressure when encountering external strong pressure, and avoid the deformation and fracture of the plate.

The surface of excellent plastic hollow board is smooth and easy to color, so now many hollow board manufacturers will reform the new hollow board on the basis of traditional board, spray appropriate color, pattern and text on its surface, effectively improve the use quality of board. Another kind of hollow plate can be recycled on the basis of the original material. The above content is the introduction of plastic hollow board materials, which can be used as a reference for customers to purchase and use.

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