Hollow plate is widely used in auto parts industry
 Mar 29, 2021|View:554

Hollow plate is widely used in auto parts industry

China has a population of up to 1.4 billion, and many families have several cars. So the auto parts industry has developed rapidly in recent years. After the automobile parts manufacturers have tested these parts, they need to be packed and transported to dealers everywhere. What we will tell you today is the hollow plate, which is needed for the transportation and storage of spare parts in the field of auto parts.

Hollow board, also known as PP plastic hollow board, Wantong board and corrugated board, is a product of PP polypropylene and various functional masterbatch. It is non-toxic and tasteless, has no volatile stimulus, smooth appearance, no rough edge angle, light overall material, stable molecular structure, can effectively resist pressure and friction of external environment, and has strong moisture-proof, flame retardant, antistatic, and anti-static resistance Corrosion, wear-resistant, anti vibration, UV resistance, sound insulation, ventilation functions, here mainly to everyone to popularize the "anti-static" function of hollow plate.

The hollow plate materials used in the field of auto parts need to have good anti-static function. This function can avoid the interference of external electrostatic ions on the auto parts products, greatly guarantee the function of automobile parts, and is an indispensable plate for the transportation and storage of auto parts. In practical application, the hollow plate of auto parts can be used as the backing plate and partition plate of the packing box on the one hand, on the other hand, it can also be processed into different product packaging boxes with high overall cost performance.

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