Properties and application of PC plastics
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Properties of PC plastics and application of imported PC plastics

In our life, PC plastic products are very common, so many people will have questions, PC plastic performance is so good, can make so many different types of goods.

Properties of PC plastics

1. The impact resistance of PC plastics is very high, which belongs to engineering plastics.

2. Good heat resistance and low temperature stability of PC plastics.

3. Excellent optical properties, transparency, PC plastic properties, light transmittance up to 90%.

4. It has high dimensional stability, good weatherability and low water absorption.

5. The performance of PC plastic is non-toxic.

The reason why PC plastics can be widely used in various fields mainly depends on the performance of PC plastics, which requires strict requirements in the production process, so as to achieve the best in molding, otherwise it may affect the quality and performance of products.

Application of imported PC plastics

As well as imported plastic temperature range from 150 to 120 degrees of high impact strength and high temperature resistance.

Characteristics of imported PC Plastics: high mechanical strength, good creep resistance, very high impact strength even at low temperature; rigid retention in a large temperature range; energy ray resistance, good electrical insulation, very good dimensional stability, translucency, physiological inertia, suitable for food contact.

Imported PC plastic applications: instrument panel, piping system, safety glass, writing pad, slide projector parts, PC sheet, PC film, Divided into transparent and frosted PC: also known as space lens on the market, its refractive index is 1.56, light weight, can be used as spectacle lens, especially suitable for frameless lens, strong impact resistance, 100% UV protection, but not good thermal stability, softening at 100 ℃, a multiple of 30, large dispersion.

The imported PC plastics are mainly used in automobile industry, electronics industry, electric appliance industry, liquid crystal display and industrial machinery parts, mirror plating, various signs, printing, film switch, name plate, protective mask, etc.

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