What is the difference between ABS plastic and PP plastic?
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What is the difference between ABS plastic and PP plastic?  

Now more and more plastic products, we used to use metal products are slowly being replaced, plastic products have become a mainstream material. In life, ABS plastic and PP plastic products are more common, so how to distinguish them? What is the difference between ABS plastic and PP plastic?

1. Density

The density of PP is relatively small among all synthetic resins, only 0.90 ~ 0.91g/cm3, which is about 60% of that of PVC. This means that more products of the same volume can be produced with the same weight of raw materials.

2. Mechanical properties

The tensile strength and rigidity of PP are good, but the impact strength is poor, especially at low temperature. In addition, if there is orientation or stress during molding, the impact strength will be significantly reduced. Although its impact strength is poor, its mechanical properties can compete with engineering plastics with higher cost in many fields after modification such as filling or reinforcement.

3. Surface hardness

The surface hardness of PP is lower than that of PE. When the crystallinity is higher, the hardness increases correspondingly, but it is not as good as PVC, PS, ABS and so on.

4. Thermal properties

Compared with ABS, PP has better heat resistance.

There are some differences between ABS plastics and PP plastics in terms of performance and characteristics. It's really inconclusive to say which is better or which is worse. Only when it comes to the specific production of which product can there be a more suitable material.

Through the above introduction, I believe you have a certain understanding of ABS plastic and PP plastic. When you buy, you must know the difference between the two, so as to avoid buying the wrong plastic materials.

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