PVC board categories and features
 May 10, 2021|View:784

PVC board categories and features

1. Antistatic PVC board (antistatic polyvinyl chloride board).The flame retardant level is ul-94:v-0;Color: transparent, smoke, opalescent, grey, etc.Application: Equipment cover, no dust box, test fixture, etc.

2. PVC hardboard.The color is generally grey and white, but also according to the needs of customers to produce PVC color hard board, its color is bright, beautiful and generous.Upper limit of product thickness: less than 25mm;Product width: 900mm, 1300mm, 1500mm;It has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, high hardness, no water absorption, no distortion and easy processing.

3. PVC transparent board.Upper limit of product thickness: less than 20mm;Product upper limit width: 1300mm;The product uses a high-strength, high-transparent plastic sheet produced from imported raw and auxiliary materials.The product color is white, sapphire, brown, coffee and other varieties.

4. PVC floppy board.The surface is glossy and soft.There are brown, green, white, gray and other colors to choose from. The product is made of fine materials and is widely used.Performance features: Soft and cold resistance, wear resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, tear resistance, excellent weldability, better physical performance than other rolled materials such as rubber.

All kinds of materials used in society have distinct characteristics of the times. The PVC board has a wide application rate in the present, and is also a new material driven by modern science and technology.

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