Knowledge of Acrylic sheet
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The Chinese name of acrylic is transliterated from English acrylics, and the Chinese common names are acrylics and acrylics. It includes monomer, plate, granule, resin and composite. Acrylic plate is polymerized by MMA, namely PMMA. Sheet plexiglass is a kind of plexiglass processed by special technology. It has the reputation of "plastic Queen". The research and development of acrylic has a history of more than 100 years.

1、 Process performance

According to the production process, it can be divided into casting type and extrusion type. Both hot forming (including molding, blow molding and vacuum molding) and machining methods such as drilling, turning, washing and cutting can be used. The mechanical cutting, scraping and carving controlled by microcomputer not only greatly improve the machining accuracy, but also produce more exquisite patterns and shapes than traditional methods. In addition, acrylic board can be laser cutting and laser carving, making products with unique effect.

Acrylic casting board: high molecular weight, excellent stiffness, strength and excellent chemical resistance. This kind of plate is characterized by small batch processing, incomparable flexibility in color system and surface texture effect, and complete product specifications, suitable for various special purposes.

Acrylic extrusion plate: compared with the casting plate, the molecular weight of the extrusion plate is lower, and the mechanical properties are slightly weaker. However, this feature is conducive to bending and hot forming, and it is conducive to rapid plastic vacuum forming when dealing with large-size plates. At the same time, the thickness tolerance of extrusion plate is smaller than that of casting plate. As the extrusion plate is a mass automatic production, the color and specification are inconvenient to adjust, so the product specification diversity is limited.

Thermoforming has been one of the creative uses of acrylic for many years. With the improvement of processing technology and the enrichment of product variety and performance, compared with other traditional advertising signboard materials, the processing of acrylic is more simple and safe, and the cost performance of products is more reasonable. Hardness is one of the parameters that can reflect the production process and technology of casting acrylic plate, and it is an important part of quality control. The hardness can reflect the purity of raw material MMA, the weatherability and high temperature resistance of the board. Hardness directly affects whether the sheet will shrink, bend and deform, and whether the surface will crack during processing. Hardness is one of the hard indexes to judge the quality of acrylic board. The cast acrylic plate has the only hardness index at present, with an average hardness of 90 degrees.

2、 Advantages

1. Unparalleled outdoor weather resistance, panel coated with high concentration of UV absorber, metal base sprayed with imported car paint, long-term weather resistance, no fading, service life up to 5-8 years.

2. The transparent plate is as clear and transparent as crystal, which is 200 times that of glass products. There is almost no risk of fracture.

3. The surface is glossy, smooth and even. The light transmittance is as high as 93%. The light transmittance is excellent, soft and dazzling.

4. There are transparent, translucent, milky white and other colors and different surface effects, using new polyester materials, hot bending molding or plane edge, metal bottom with built-in light source, very visual impact.

5. The processing performance is excellent; when making signboards and signs with outstanding visual effect by thermoforming, the processing is simple and the cost is reasonable. Exquisite workmanship, full font mirror effect, no fold, no seam on the base, all riveting parts are not exposed.

6. Green environmental protection, waste materials can be completely recycled, recycling is simple and easy. Good light transmission performance, the corresponding reduction of light source products, save electricity, reduce the cost of use.

7. Excellent surface hardness and scratch resistance, the product has a good protection for the built-in light source, extending the service life of the light source products.

8. Good chemical resistance, superior to most other plastic materials.

9. It is easy to clean, maintain and keep the appearance of signboards and light boxes as new all the year round. It has reasonable design, rainproof and moisture-proof, open structure and easy maintenance.

10. Fire resistance: non spontaneous combustion and self extinguishing.

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