Properties and processing characteristics of HIPS Sheet
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Properties and processing characteristics of HIPS Sheet

1. Performance of HIPS Sheet:

HIPS sheet is a modified material of PS, which contains 5-15% rubber in its molecule. Its toughness is about four times higher than PS, and its impact strength (high impact polystyrene) is greatly improved. It has flame-retardant grade, stress cracking grade, high gloss grade, high impact strength grade, glass fiber reinforced grade and low residual volatility grade. Other important properties of standard HIPS sheet: bending strength 13.8-55.1mpa; tensile strength 13.8-41.4mpa; elongation at break 15-75%; density 1.035-1.04g/ml; it has the advantages of PS molding and strong coloring power. HIPS sheet are opaque. Hips has low water absorption, and can be processed without pre drying.

Performance of HIPS Sheet

2. Process characteristics of HIPS Sheet:

Because HIPS sheet contains 5-15% rubber, which affects its fluidity to a certain extent, the injection pressure and molding temperature should be higher. Its cooling speed is slower than PS, so enough pressure maintaining pressure, pressure maintaining time and cooling inlet are needed. The forming period is a little longer than PS, and the processing temperature is generally 190-240 ℃. HIPS sheet absorbs water slowly, so it does not need to be dried in general. Sometimes too much moisture on the surface of the material will be absorbed, which will affect the appearance quality of the final product. Drying at 160 ° f for 2-3 hours will remove excess moisture. There is a special problem of "white edge" in HIPS sheet. It can be improved by increasing mold temperature and clamping force, reducing holding pressure and time, etc., and the water mark in the product will be obvious.

3. Typical application scope:

The main application fields are packaging and disposable products, instruments and meters, home appliances, toys and entertainment products and construction industry. Flame retardant grade (UL V-0 and UL 5-V), impact polystyrene has been produced and widely used in TV casings, commercial machines and electrical products.

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