An Article Introduces You To PS Diffusion Sheet
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An Article Introduces You To PS Diffusion Sheet

PS diffusion sheet is one of the diffusion sheet categories of PS (polystyrene), PC (polycarbonate), PP (polypropylene) and other materials. It has the optical characteristics of high haze, high transmittance, high diffusivity and other plastic sheets. It can effectively convert point or line light sources into soft and uniform surface light sources on the premise of good transmittance, At the same time, it has good light source lattice shielding, is an ideal optical material to solve the secondary light distribution of LED lighting products, and is the best light diffusion material for LED lighting products.


1、 Background Of PS Diffusion Sheet

In the process of LED lighting gradually being accepted by the market, the problem of LED lighting mask has been puzzling lamp manufacturers. It is the direction that researchers are studying at present to not only have a high transmittance as the premise, but also have a considerable light diffusion rate and good light source concealment, improve the effect of lamps and turn the dazzling LED light source into a soft and healthy light source.  Initially, glass was used as lampshade, but the glass was not fragile, and the light diffusion effect was not very good, so it was difficult to meet the lighting requirements. Later, it gradually developed to replace glass with resin, but if only transparent resin is used as lampshade, although the light transmittance is high, it can basically reach more than 90%, but the diffusion effect of light is not ideal, and the concealment of light source is poor. White resin has low light transmittance, which seriously affects the lighting of LED lamp. Such as the use of opalescent pigments, surface sanding and other technical means, although this solves the problem of light source shielding, but there is a low light transmittance, seriously affecting the light efficiency of LED lighting, so the problem of diffusion mask has been plagued by the contradiction between light transmittance and light source shielding. In this context, the diffusion material based on PS diffusion sheet came into being.

2、 Principle Of PS Diffusion Sheet

Through chemical or physical means, PS diffusion sheet use the physical imagination of refraction, reflection and scattering when light meets two media with different refractive index on the way. By adding inorganic or organic light diffusers in the base material of PS diffusion sheet, or arranging the light manually through the array of micro characteristic structure on the surface of the base material, the light can be refracted in different directions Reflecting, scattering, changing the path of light, achieving the effect of optical diffusion by filling and dispersing the incident light.

3、 Development history of light diffusion plate materials

The development of PDB materials has experienced the following stages:

1. Adding particles with diffusion effect to improve the obscuration and cost performance of light source

2. Improve diffusion effect, appearance performance and light transmittance

3. Optimize the optical performance, improve the UV resistance, improve the impact resistance, improve the light efficiency, meet the light distribution requirements, high temperature resistance, maintain high light transmittance, improve the product haze value, suitable for the use of near-range irradiation environment.

4、 PS Diffusion Sheet Application

PS diffusion sheets are widely used in the field of lighting due to their obvious comprehensive performance advantages, which are mainly reflected in LED flat light panel, led down light, grille light, ceiling light mask, advertising light box, logo and other products.

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