Production process of textured ABS sheet
 Jun 02, 2022|View:782

Textured ABS sheet is the largest yield, the most widely used polymer.

1. Dry. ABS material has strong hygroscopicity and requires dry raw materials. If the raw material contains too much water, the subsequent process will be affected. When drying, we should pay attention to the temperature of 85℃ or so, and the time is not less than 2 hours.

2. Extrude. There is a certain difference in the flow rate of ABS raw materials, even if the same manufacturer has a unified brand, so the temperature of ABS sheet extrusion must be controlled well. A brief discussion on the identification method of true and false ABS board


3. Filter. Use a strainer to remove impurities from the material. Two layers of strainers are fine for new ingredients and three layers for compound ingredients. In the filtration process, attention should also be paid to prevent the temperature from being too high.

4. Mold head forming. Generally speaking, according to the thickness of textured ABS sheet required, the clearance of the lip of the mold is adjusted 10% more thick. But in the actual production process needs to be adjusted according to the situation at that time. The temperature of the die head is generally about 230℃. It should be noted that the temperature difference in each area cannot exceed 15℃, otherwise the size of the board will be too large or too small.

5. Three roller pressing light. The sheet that the die head is extruded is put into the polishing roller to cool, the temperature of the first roller is about 83℃, the temperature of the second roller is about 87℃, and the temperature of the third roller is about 100℃.

6. Traction. The speed of traction is slightly slower than the speed of three rolls.

7. Packaging. Textured ABS sheet is packaged with paper-plastic composite material in the outer layer and PE film material in the inner layer.

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