【Identification】 How To Distinguish HIPS Sheet, GPPS and EPS In PS
 Feb 24, 2020|View:1326

PS general plastics are mainly divided into: HIPS sheet, GPPS and EPS.

HIPS sheet is a white opaque or bead like thermoplastic resin, characterized by impact resistance, with impact strength more than 7 times of GPPS; it has excellent coloring and molding processing properties, but its tensile strength, hardness, transmittance, optical rotation resistance, weather resistance and thermal stability are worse than GPPS.

PS general plastics are mainly divided into: HIPS sheet, GPPS and EPS

Product application:

1. Electrical appliances: the shell and parts of TV and recorder; the lining materials of refrigerator; the parts of air conditioning equipment, washing machine, telephone, vacuum cleaner, lighting device and office machinery.

2. Auto parts and medical equipment parts.

3. Toys, furniture and daily life products.

4. Packaging materials.

GPPS is a thermoplastic resin, which is colorless, odorless, tasteless and glossy transparent bead or granular solid. It is not resistant to impact, easy to crack, prone to burr, poor heat resistance, poor optical rotation resistance, and flammable. Poor fluidity and formability.

Product application:

1. Food packaging;

2. Mechanical and electrical industry, instrument industry, communication equipment industry, etc. have been widely used as various instrument casings, lampshades, optical parts, instrument parts, transparent windows and mirrors, transparent models, chemical acid storage tanks, acid conveying tanks, telecommunication parts, high-frequency capacitors, high-frequency insulation pads, supports, inserts, frozen insulation materials, etc;

3. All kinds of daily necessities and toys.

EPS is a kind of foaming material, which is mainly used to pack the shell of electrical appliances.

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