Process brief introduction of high impact styrene sheet
 May 18, 2022|View:743

The production of high impact styrene sheet is based on thermal initiation polymerization without an initiator and catalyst in a small amount of solvent. The production process is mainly composed of glue preparation, polymerization, degassing recovery, granulation, and other processes. The brief process is to put crushed butadiene rubber into styrene and ethylbenzene solution, add a quantitative antioxidant, stir and dissolve into rubber solution at 70℃.

The rubber solution polymerizes and completes phase transformation in the first reaction kettle by controlling temperature, pressure and stirring speed. The polymerization solution is continuously transferred to a second reactor where it is mixed with a mixture of styrene and ethylbenzene. The styrene continues to react to improve the conversion rate. A high impact styrene sheet solution with a conversion rate of about 75% was obtained by mixing it with white oil through the third and fourth reaction kettle.

The solution was heated to 240℃ and the residual pressure was 0.173MPa to remove styrene and ethylbenzene. The fused tree finger is pressed by high viscosity pump to extrude the strip from the die head, which is hardened by water cooling, cut and mixed with external lubricant to become high impact styrene sheet products. The raw materials, auxiliary materials, and products used in the production process of the device are mostly flammable, flammable, and toxic, among which ethylbenzene and styrene are first and second-class flammable liquids.

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