The knowledge about HIPS material
 Mar 19, 2021|View:17

Hips began to develop rubber modified polystyrene (HIPS) in 1950, mainly to solve the impact brittleness of PS. By adding rubber to polystyrene substrate, various grades of high impact polystyrene with different properties can be produced. Modified plastic small series for you to sort out some of the High Impact Polystyrene HIPS plastic properties, for your reference.

In recent years, a variety of special grades of hips have been developed, including flame retardant grade, stress cracking resistance grade, high gloss grade, high impact strength grade, glass fiber reinforced grade and low residual volatile grade. They can compete with expensive engineering resins in many application fields.

The outstanding characteristics of high impact polystyrene are easy processing, excellent dimensional stability, high impact strength and high rigidity. Hips is just about heat resistance. Oxygen permeability, UV stability and oil resistance are limited. The properties of hips are closely related to the content of rubber phase in the system.

The most specific use of hips is as packaging and disposable materials, especially food packaging materials and tableware. The main applications include daily packaging containers. Vending machine and sub packaging cups, various covers, plates. Bowls and so on. Disposable products such as discs, bottle caps, safety razors, pen holders and so on are also part of the uses with large consumption of hips.

In recent years, special products have become the focus of hips product development. The newly developed hips products can compete with engineering resin in some application fields, some of which are much higher than the existing ones in quality. Instrumentation and consumer electrical appliances are one of the growing markets for hips products, including small instruments, refrigerator inner wall and internal parts, TV shell, air conditioning parts, commercial machines and audio and video cassette. Special grade hips resin has replaced expensive engineering plastics in many fields. A kind of hips with ultra-high impact strength and high temperature resistance can even be used as automotive interior parts.

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