How to distinguish the quality of acrylic?
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Acrylic mirror has excellent weather resistance, which is better than other plastics. Acrylic has good surface hardness and luster, can be made into a variety of products can be needed. It's light and cheap. It has become the choice of many people's products, but acrylic also has good and bad points, which directly determines its service life. What kind of acrylic materials to choose has become a headache for many advertisers. Here are some tips for choosing acrylic materials!

The chemical name of acrylic is polymethyl methacrylate. Its light transmittance is like glass. It is an important thermoplastic developed earlier. In addition, acrylic has good chemical stability, fire resistance, easy dyeing and processing, which is widely used in construction industry, furniture products and sanitary ware.

How to distinguish acrylic board

1. Observation method

You can observe whether the acrylic surface is discolored or low gloss, you can also see whether the acrylic board instructions are consistent with the deeds of the material, so as to judge whether it is a normal material.

2. Combustion method

You can take a small piece of acrylic for combustion. If it burns quickly, it means that the quality of acrylic is unqualified.

3. Transparence method

You can use white light to pass through the acrylic board. The acrylic board with good quality has high light transmittance and is white after passing through. If there is yellow or blue, it means that the quality is not good.

4. Paste method

Two acrylic plates can be put together. Poor quality acrylic is difficult to separate after hot melting, and good quality acrylic is easy to separate. Therefore, the quality of acrylic plate can be distinguished through this experiment.

Properties of acrylic sheet

1. Acrylic has good transparency and light transmittance, and acrylic dyed with dyes has good color development effect.

2. Acrylic has good weather resistance, high surface hardness and luster.

3. Acrylic processing performance is good, not only can use hot forming, but also can use mechanical processing.

4. Acrylic wear-resistant, resistant to a variety of chemical corrosion, good stability.

5. Acrylic has good spraying property.

6. Acrylic has fire resistance and will not self ignite.

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