ABS plastic sheet processing properties and uses


ABS styrene , acrylonitrile and butadiene latex of polymerization, was the appearance of the true nature of tooth-colored , non-toxic , odorless , both tough and hard, the characteristics of steel , abs plastic sheet has a good overall performance. abs plastic sheet itself good heat resistance and solvent resistance , and has a gloss, impact strength, good tensile strength and plastic parts surface hardness, good dimensional stability, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, dyeing, molding good processing and machining . abs sheet quotes have been relatively stable .
ABS has excellent mechanical properties, excellent impact strength , can be used at very low temperatures ; excellent ABS abrasion resistance, good dimensional stability, oil resistance , can be used for bearings under moderate load and speed . ABS creep resistance than PSF and PC large, but smaller than the PA and POM. Bending strength and compressive strength ABS plastic is poor . Greater impact on the mechanical properties of ABS temperatures.
ABS from water , inorganic salts , alkalis and a variety of effects of acid , but soluble in ketones , aldehydes , and chlorinated hydrocarbons by acetic acid , vegetable oil will cause stress cracking. ABS poor weather , in the role of UV prone to degradation ; outdoors after six months, the impact strength is decreased by half.
ABS sheet with excellent impact strength , dimensional stability , dyeing , forming and machining , high mechanical strength, high stiffness, low water absorption , good corrosion resistance , the connection is simple , non-toxic , odorless , has excellent chemical properties and electrical insulation properties. To heat deformation , at low temperatures also have a high impact toughness . Or a hard, difficult to scratch , easy deformation of the material . Low water absorption ; high dimensional stability. Conventional ABS board is not very white, but the toughness is very good , you can use cutting shears , punch mold can be opened .
ABS heat distortion temperature of 93 ~ 118 ℃, the products after annealing can be increased about 10 ℃. ABS at -40 ℃ still showed some toughness, can be used within a temperature range of -40 ~ 100 ℃ .
abs plastic sheet is widely used in the food industry parts, architectural models , prototype production , a phase electronic industrial parts , refrigerators refrigeration industry, electrical and electronic fields , such as the pharmaceutical industry .