HIPS Sheet

HIPS sheet is milky white opaque pearl grain, high impact strength, and toughness, can be arbitrary coloring, molding processability, chemical corrosion resistance, electric properties, the rubber-modified polystyrene, while the impact strength and toughness have greatly improved, but the tensile strength, bending, hardness, resistance to light and heat stability than homopolymer fell. Impact grade polystyrene contains rubber components, its impact strength is 5~10 times higher than GPPS, so the application of polystyrene expanded has partly replaced the expensive ABS material.

HIPS sheet modified materials for PS, molecular contains 5-15% rubber composition, its toughness than PS improved about four times, impact strength greatly improved, has flame retardant level, stress cracking level, high gloss level, high impact strength level, glass fiber enhancement level, and low residual volatile classification. Other important properties of standard HIPS: bending strength 13.8 ~ 55.1mpa; Tensile strength 13.8-41.4mpa; Elongation at break is 15-75%; Density 1.035-1.04 g/mL; It has the advantages of PS forming processing and strong coloring power. HIPS products are opaque. HIPS low water absorption, processing without prior drying

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