• PC/ABS composite sheet
  • PC/ABS composite sheet
  • PC/ABS composite sheet

PC/ABS composite sheet

PC/ABS (polycarbonate-ABS) alloy sheet combines the nice moldability of ABS and good mechanical impact resistant and UV resistant of PC. PC/ABS sheet offers the most desirable properties of both materials - the superior mechanical properties and heat resistance of PC and the excellent features of ABS. it owns excellent impact resistant ,good rigidity ,high hardness .PC/ABS Sheet is one of the most widely used industrial thermoplastics.


Thickness:range from 1-10mm
Max Width:1600mm
Length: Customization
Color: White,Black,Red ,Blue,Yellow and available in all custom colors
Surface: Smooth, frosted/embossed/haircell/grained/ patterend


1. Excellent vacuum forming properties

2. Excellent heat resistance

3. Chemical resistance Resistant to weak acids, paraffin oils and greases

4. Excellent Rigidity

5. Dimensional stability

6. High impact strength even at low temperatures


1. Interior and exterior of vehicle (rail interiors trims,seating ,ceiling ..), Tram Interiors

2. Mechanical safety equipment

3. Coverings

4. Instrument panels

5. Trolley case, transport and travel cases

6. Electronics compeonents

7. telecommunications

8. construction machinery

9. covers for vehicles and machinery

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