Is PVC sheet environmentally friendly?
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With the development of science and technology, new materials constantly replace traditional materials, and become the mainstream materials of production and life. PVC plate is a kind of material with modern scientific and technological characteristics, and some people may have doubts about the environmental protection of PVC sheet. Let's see whether PVC plate is environmentally friendly, what are the types and characteristics of PVC sheet.

Is PVC sheet environmentally friendly

1. Whether PVC sheet is environmentally friendly should be started from the social responsibility and production process of the manufacturer. Now the whole society advocates environmental protection and green, and it is difficult to have a market for the materials with pollution. Therefore, PVC sheet enterprises with environmental awareness have started to formulate a solution of "cradle to cradle", that is, how to design, purchase and purchase with less energy and higher efficiency Manufacture and deliver products; How to transform these products into different products or new products in the life cycle of PVC sheet products.

2. In the manufacturing process, the plastic PVC sheet manufacturers abide by the principle of "lean", improve the efficiency of the factory, reduce waste, reduce fuel consumption and other costs. Identify areas that have adverse impacts on the environment and seek solutions throughout the product lifecycle and supply chain. Now many companies are tracking their energy use, fuel and transport costs, water consumption, and total carbon dioxide emissions on a regular basis.

3. Domestic PVC plate industry enterprises are pursuing "zero formaldehyde" technology at present, formaldehyde emission is very small or ignored, especially large brand enterprises pay more attention to environmental protection indicators related to health. E2 grade PVC plate is more suitable for outdoor and packaging applications, and it is also within the reasonable sense. It is actually more strict to the formaldehyde emission requirements of PVC plate.

4. At present, the whole PVC plate industry is still good in this respect, most of the enterprise production standards have already reached E1, even E0 level. PVC board also has grade, quality grade is divided into a, B, C. The specific gravity of grade a PVC sheet is 1.5, which is a new material; The proportion of grade B PVC plate is 1.6, adding appropriate filler for new materials; The proportion of grade C PVC sheet is 1.6, which is excellent recycled material.

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