What is the difference between ABS plastic and PS plastic
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What is the difference between ABS plastic and PS plastic

There are many types of engineering plastics in the market. 

ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a light yellow granular or bead opaque resin, which is non-toxic, tasteless and has low water absorption. It has excellent physical and mechanical properties, excellent low temperature impact resistance, excellent electrical properties, wear resistance, dimensional stability, chemical resistance and dyeing property. Easy to process.

ABS is resistant to water, inorganic salt, alkali and acid, insoluble in most alcohols and hydrocarbon solvents, and soluble in aldehydes, ketones, esters and some chlorinated hydrocarbons. The disadvantages of ABS are flammability, low thermal deformation temperature and poor weather resistance. Combustion characteristics: flammable; continue to burn away from the fire; yellow flame, thick black smoke; softening, foaming; acrylonitrile smell. Solubility: soluble solvent: dichloromethane; insoluble solvent: alcohol, aliphatic hydrocarbon, water. Application: automobile industry, mechanical equipment, electronic appliances, etc.

PS plastic (polystyrene), material properties: excellent electrical insulation (especially high frequency insulation), colorless and transparent, light transmittance second only to plexiglass, colorability, water resistance, good chemical stability, general strength, but brittle, easy to produce stress embrittlement, not resistant to benzene. Gasoline and other organic solvents. Suitable for making insulating transparent parts. Decorative parts and chemical instruments. Optical instruments and other parts.

PS plastic molding performance:

1. The amorphous material has low moisture absorption, does not need to be fully dried, and is not easy to decompose, but has high coefficient of thermal expansion and easy to produce internal stress. It has good fluidity and can be molded by screw or plunger injection machine.

2. High material temperature, high mold temperature, low injection pressure and prolonged injection time are suitable for reducing internal stress and preventing shrinkage. Deformation.

3. Various types of gate can be used, and the gate is connected with the plastic part by arc, so as to avoid damaging the plastic part when the gate is removed. The demoulding angle is large and the ejection is even. The wall thickness of plastic parts shall be uniform, without inserts as far as possible. If there are inserts, they shall be preheated.

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