Introduction of PP hollow board and PC Hollow Board
 Mar 16, 2021|View:34

The definition of hollow board comes from its physical shape, and its middle is composed of numerous hollow small lattices, because it is named hollow board, commonly used are PP hollow board, PC hollow board and so on.

PP hollow board and PC Hollow Board have something in common. Hollow is hollow in the middle. The biggest difference is the material. PP and PC are two completely different kinds of plastics. The characteristic of PC is that it can resist aging and ultraviolet radiation when used in construction engineering. PP is used for indoor turnover box and partition, but it can't withstand temperature when used outdoors. So the two materials have very different uses.

Hollow board is a large range, according to the different raw materials, it has a lot of physical and chemical properties. Because of this, the application range of hollow board is very wide, gradually replacing the market of carton, wooden box and other packaging methods.

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