Product description of PVC board
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Product description of PVC board

1、 Excellent weather resistance - service life no less than 50 years

The design is unique and has been proved by practice that it is applied well in various climatic conditions in Russia, Chinese mainland, southeast coast and Southeast Asia.

2、 Outstanding waterproof performance -- no waterproof layer

The waterproof layer is not required when it is used in 15 - 90 degree pitched roof buildings. The material characteristics, structure, patent accessories and scientific and reasonable installation method of colored tiles make the roof an integral waterproof system.

3、 Wind resistance and earthquake resistance -- 90 degree building facade decoration is safe and reliable

No matter it is used in villas or high-rise buildings, inland or coastal areas, it can resist the invasion of hurricanes and earthquakes, and the roof system is safe and reliable.

4、 Rich color, novel personality, lasting stability

The surface of colored tile is bright and clean, and it has strong acid-base resistance, so it will not mildew and corrode in any environment, and the rain is as new as new.

5、 Fire performance is good, in line with the national roof material fire protection requirements, to achieve the flame retardant standard, effectively delay the spread of fire.

6、 Heat insulation: roof tile with high heat insulation performance

The thermal conductivity of 2.2 mm thick FanMei fluoroplastic tile is only 0.06 kcal / M.H. ℃, which is 6 times of that of 15 mm cement tile.

7、 The porous material with good sound insulation performance makes the sound energy decline due to friction in the porous wall, so as to produce sound absorption effect, so as to protect the roof residents from noise.

8、 Excellent toughness and strength

The unique three-layer composite structure, biaxial tensile process and selected raw materials make it have better toughness and strength than similar products.

9、 Simple construction: fast paving speed and low construction cost

Fluoroplastic tile can easily handle special shapes such as facade and circular window. It has the advantages of large area, light weight and easy handling. It can be directly nailed, sawed, drilled and planed.

10、 Economy saving - saving more than 20 yuan per square meter

Fluoroplastic color tile roofing system is a kind of roofing tile with the lightest building weight and low cost among medium and high pitched roofs.

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