High temperature PC plastic can withstand how much high temperature?
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PC is a non-polar crystalline plastic with low water absorption (about 0.03% ~ 0.04%). There is no need to dry it during injection molding (if necessary, it can be dried at 80 ~ 100 ℃ for 1 ~ 2H). The melting point of PC is 165 ~ 170 ℃, the decomposition temperature is 350 ℃, and the crystallization rate temperature is 120 ~ 130 ℃, The range of molding temperature is wide (205-315 ℃). The suitable MFR range of PC for injection molding is 2-15g / 10min. The fluidity of melt is good. The barrel temperature is controlled at 210-280 ℃. The nozzle temperature is 10-30 ℃ lower than that of the barrel Zui. When the product wall is thin and the shape is complex, the barrel temperature can be increased to 280-300 ℃. When the product wall thickness is large or the MFR of resin is high, the barrel temperature can be reduced to 200-230 ℃

Application of high temperature resistant PC plastics to industry

1. Optical lighting

It can be used to manufacture large lampshade, protective glass, left and right eyepiece tube of optical instrument, etc. it can also be widely used as transparent material on aircraft. Electronic appliances

Polycarbonate is an excellent E (120 ℃) grade insulating material, which is used to manufacture insulating connector, coil frame, tube seat, insulating sleeve, telephone shell and parts, battery shell of miner's lamp, etc. It can also be used to make parts with high dimensional accuracy, such as CD-ROM, telephone, electronic computer, video recorder, telephone exchanger, signal relay and other communication equipment. Polycarbonate thin film is also widely used as capacitor, insulating leather bag, audio tape, color video tape, etc.

2. Mechanical equipment

It can be used to manufacture various gears, racks, worm gears, worms, bearings, cams, bolts, levers, crankshafts, ratchets, and also can be used as some mechanical equipment shells, covers, frames and other parts.

3. Medical equipment

The cup, tube and bottle can be used for medical purposes, as well as dental instruments, drug containers and surgical instruments, and even can be used as artificial organs such as artificial kidney and artificial lung.

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