Can PC board replace acrylic board?
 Feb 06, 2021|View:377

PC endurance board, also known as polycarbonate solid board, PC bulletproof glass, PC solid board and polycarbonate board, is made of high-performance engineering plastic polycarbonate (PC). It has the characteristics of impact resistance, impact resistance and unbreakable. It is tough, safe, anti-theft and bulletproof. It has good processability and strong plasticity.

So what's the difference between PC board and PMMA?

Both of them are transparent plastics. In the case of the same thickness and the same raw material particles, the transmittance of acrylic plate is 2-3% higher than that of PC, which is close to 90%. It is not easy to distinguish by naked eyes. However, there are four differences between the two materials

1. Heat resistance, temperature resistance, weather resistance: acrylic board is easy to soften when it reaches 70 degrees, while PC is 120 degrees, so PC is more heat-resistant and widely used in working temperature.

2. Impact resistance, smashing resistance, strength index: with the same thickness, the impact resistance of PC is 30-50 times of that of acrylic plate. PC thick plate is bulletproof material from 6mm, and ordinary adult PC plate with 3mm can't be smashed by hammer.

3. Flame resistant and fire-resistant: PC is a kind of flame-retardant material, belonging to class B flame retardant (ul94-v2 internationally), one of the self extinguishing plastics, which is not easy to burn, while acrylic board is not flame retardant.

4. Environmental protection, PC belongs to environmental protection plastic, and some properties of acrylic board can not reach, so some foreign fields have eliminated the application of acrylic board, and domestic will gradually popularize. Although China is a big country of acrylic board, it produces few high value-added acrylic board and relies more on imports. More and more people begin to replace acrylic board with PC board

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