How much do you know about PC light diffusers?
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PC diffusion plate is also called diffusion polycarbonate plate, PC light diffusion plate, PC uniform plate, PC diffuse reflection plate, etc. PC diffusion plate is a new kind of optical material, which is processed by special technology on the basis of ordinary PC. The light transmittance of the product is more than 70%, while that of ordinary PC opal board is only about 20%. The diffusion effect of PC is closely related to the content and composition of diffusion particles. The diffusion plate is generally light white and translucent. The more the content of diffusion particles is, the lower the light transmittance is, and the higher the haze is. It can be seen that the light transmittance and haze of the diffusion plate are inversely proportional, that is, they can not have both. All walks of life through 20 years of continuous R & D and innovation of diffusion masterbatch, through the adjustment of the surface structure of diffusion plate and diffusion masterbatch, so as to achieve the good effect of diffusion uniformity.


The transmittance of ordinary PC diffusion plate can reach more than 80%. After using PC diffusion plate in advertising light box, the light in the light box can be diffused through the diffusion plate, so that the whole light box can be evenly covered with light, and there will be no dark area in the corner, and the PC diffusion plate will not leave shadow on the picture on the light box, so as to ensure that the light box can reach the exquisite and high gorgeous standard under the light.


Firstly, PC diffusion plate has the following advantages compared with other traditional plates:

1. Energy saving and consumption reduction

The light transmittance of the frosted diffusion plate can be as high as 88%. The high light transmittance can significantly improve the brightness and save energy.

2. Even light

At the same time of maintaining high transmittance, the sun star diffuser can achieve the ideal uniform effect, and the brightness uniformity of the surface light source can reach more than 80%.

3. Color fidelity

Diffusion plate technology focuses on the large limit of Zui, which ensures the color reducibility and realizes the required color temperature with light source.

4. Stable performance

UV resistance, weather resistance, temperature difference resistance, chemical corrosion resistance

5. Unique texture

The surface of the diffusion plate is treated with dermatoglyph on one side and frosted on the other. The visual effect of the diffusion plate is beautiful and the surface wear resistance is better than that of the ordinary smooth surface

6. Fire proof and flame retardant

Diffusion plate has flame retardant, UL fire certification, V - 0, V - 2 certification report can be provided

7. Convenient processing

The diffusion plate can be cold bending, plastic forming, cutting, drilling and other machining.

8. Safe and durable

Compared with glass, PMMA, PS and other materials, the diffusion plate has high Kang impact strength, ensuring the safety in the process of processing, transportation, installation and use, and reducing future maintenance costs.

9. Diversified specifications

PC diffusers have various specifications and can be customized with large width and super long length.


According to the above advantages, we can analyze that the safety performance of PC diffusion plate is also very high. As we all know, the position of advertising light box is generally installed in the public places where people come and go. If the light box falls or breaks, it will not only bring harm and shock to the people in the public places, but also have a bad impact on the public places. Although the PC diffusion plate seems to have a bad effect It is light and thin (weight is only 1 / 2 of the same thickness of glass), but its strength is comparable to that of tempered glass. The possibility of accidents is very small, and a large number of installation will not affect the safety level of public places. The bending of PC diffusion plate also brings great convenience to the wide application of advertising light box in transportation.

In addition to the advertising light box, PC board can also be used as the production material of electronic display screen and identification system. It can be said that the appearance of PC diffusion board has greatly improved the light coverage of our lamps and lanterns, which can make us reduce the number of lamps and lanterns to a certain extent. It can not only save power, but also save our lamp purchase expenses.

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