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PS diffusion plate has good properties of heating resistance, dimension stability, mechanical strength and fire resistance.
It also has high light transmittance, good shading and durability, so that its light diffusion effect reaches the best state,most suitable for straight down light source unit .


l UGR<19 PS Diffuser sheet with Concave hexagon,conical bottom,takes on homogeneous look due to unidirectional structure;

l Scientific designed structure,well defined lamp direction with average beam angle 85 degree,assist to improve the light efficiency and reasonable glare suppression;

l Homogeneous glare reduction in all C-levels,excellent for workstations required lighting application UGR<19,for example LED Panel light;

l On equal conditions, the light transmittance is obviously higher than traditional matte or orange peel texture diffusion sheet, meanwhile effectively suppress the glare value.


Translucent color


0.7mm – 3.0mm

Max Width



no limited




Embossed, matte

Application :

Liquid-crystal display television (LCD-TV)

LED light panel

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