• MS diffuser sheet
  • MS diffuser sheet
  • MS diffuser sheet
  • MS diffuser sheet
  • MS diffuser sheet
  • MS diffuser sheet
  • MS diffuser sheet

MS diffuser sheet Manufacturer

PS diffusion plate is a kind of material with light diffusion property in PS (polystyrene) plate. It has the optical characteristics of certain haze, light transmittance, refractive index and other plastic plate. It can effectively convert point or line light source into soft and uniform surface light source. On the premise of achieving good light transmittance, it also has good light source dot matrix shielding property. It is widely used in LCD-TV and led Lighting products

1. Light source diffusivity: suitable for backlight module with high brightness and high dispersion to improve the diffusion effect of backlight.

2. Light transmittance: excellent light transmittance brings high brightness.

3. Dimensional stability: the smallest water absorption, even in the humid environment can also maintain good dimensional stability. It can be used in the range of - 40 ℃ to 125 ℃.

4. Antistatic performance: the surface has good antistatic performance to prevent dust adsorption.

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