Typical applications range PC / ABS plastic materials


PC / ABS plastic materials are polycarbonate and acrylonitrile - butadiene - styrene copolymer and mixtures of thermoplastic alloy made ​​of polycarbonate plastic (Polycarbonate) and polypropylene fine (ABS) is made of a combination of the two excellent characteristics kinds of materials , ABS and PC material molding machinery , impact strength and heat resistance, resistance to ultraviolet (UV) and other properties can be widely used in automotive interior parts, business machines , communications equipment , household appliances and lighting equipment on .
PC / ABS plastic raw material ABS with PC and integrated features of both . Easy processing characteristics such as ABS, PC and excellent mechanical properties and thermal stability. Ratio of the two will affect the thermal stability of PC / ABS material. PC / ABS blend material also shows excellent flow characteristics . Shrinkage of about 0.5 %.
PC / ABS is a modified plastic mixing after synthesis. Where , PC is a polycarbonate , ABS is acrylonitrile (A), butadiene (B) and styrene (S) copolymer . This modified plastics better than pure PC and ABS performance , such as : improved impact resistance , heat resistance , improved hardness and so on.
PC / ABS plastic materials most used in cell phone case, computer and business machine housings, electrical equipment , lawn and garden machinery , auto parts, instrument panels, interior and wheel covers